Making the Future Brighter, One Lamp at a Time

I am so excited to be donating to such a wonderful place like Thresholds.  I worked as an office manager at Thresholds a little over a decade ago when I was in college.  I supported an outreach team that worked with homeless people who suffer from mental illness.  They would set them up with shelter, food, and provide clothes and toiletries.  One thing I will never forget from my time at Thresholds was how tirelessly my coworkers fought for those who needed it most.  The people who work for Thresholds are so compassionate and committed to helping others.  Read below to find out more about this organization. 

About Thresholds

Established in 1959, Thresholds provides healthcare, housing, and hope for thousands of persons with mental illnesses in Illinois each year. Through care, employment, advocacy, and housing, Thresholds assists and inspires people with mental illnesses to reclaim their lives. 

Thresholds is one of the oldest and largest providers of recovery services for persons with mental illnesses in Illinois. They reject the notion that anyone is a lost cause, utilizing evidence-based practices and a wide range of supports to treat the whole person, rather than just the disease.

They offer 30 innovative programs at more than 90 locations throughout Chicago, the adjacent suburbs, and McHenry and Kankakee Counties. Services include assertive outreach, case management, housing, employment, education, psychiatry, primary care, substance abuse treatment, and research. Last year, Thresholds served more than 7,100 adults and youth, with 75% of services delivered out in the community, representing more than 400,000 hours of care

For further information on Thresholds' platform, or to donate, visit their website