What is #qanon?

The world has me feeling so powerless. This is me taking back my power the only way I know how to, with my honesty:

I’m so overwhelmed right now. That’s the only way to describe how I feel all of the time these days. My 2 year diagnosis date is looming. I have a lot of personal stuff happening and am pretty internal about it all now. I’m pretty solo these days. That’s ok. I’m learning to live a life I never imagined and that’s just that. It’s reality. But when I thought I had a handle on reality, even that got turned on it’s head at the end of last year when Q started and I was handed an even deeper glimpse into the true reality. It’s not pretty, it’s truly and genuinely unbelievable. I knew some of this info before it started and kept a lot of it to myself as it made me extremely sad. Extremely sad. But I assumed I’d just have to deal with that sadness existing there below the surface and that’s that. Then Q shows up at the end of October and opened a can of emotional worms I’ve been chasing since. It’s now April and finally the Q shit is very much ramping up publicly, happening the way the Q team said it would. My understanding is that Q is either a top secret NSA or Military team of people. Q level clearance means you have access to top secret government intel. Since the end of October, this small team of “patriots” (as they call themselves and all of us), has been dropping “breadcrumbs,” basically clues about the reality behind the scenes of our government. And it’s crazy. All of it. But what’s crazier is that it’s true. There are 25,000 sealed indictments that are becoming unsealed, 1000+ CEO’s have resigned from their posts. Human trafficking arrests have gone up by the thousands and that will continue. The Q team said recently that this has been planned for some time now, this transition into the truth of our country’s history and who’s been really running things. I told everyone I know about it. I made the choice to do that because I went through it alone and there’s a lot of really dark information coming out and that’ll continue and I’m only glad because most of the time these days I feel like I can’t fucking breathe. There’s no point in trying to post proof because it’ll all just happen how it’s going to happen: what is meant to be is meant to be. What I’ve learned since April of 2016, since I was diagnosed with my pain disorder, is that the time between birth and death is spent fighting against the literal and metaphorical pains of life, while searching for beauty in the process. Life is just one big battle of light and dark, and learning to ride the wave in the wake of their duel.

Almost two years to the day of my diagnosis and I never thought I’d be following Q, let alone posting about it and publicly declaring this to be truth. It’s so far from my realm of existence on this planet. Or at least it seems that way on the surface with the content that is coming out. But the further below the surface you go, the more you learn about what been going, you’ll start to see what “Q Anon” really is: It’s a group of humans who are done with the lies. It’s the tattletales of the world. It’s the truth speakers. It’s the ones you think believe conspiracy theories. It’s the open minded, the healers, the hippies, the diehard freedom loving patriots, the potheads. It’s the people really sick of the bullshit our government has been traumatizing us with and holding us all hostage with for many years. These are the people who will help guide you through right now if you choose to believe it all, but there won’t be much of a choice eventually so I really, really hope these posts have helped. That’s why I’m here, to help if it’s too much to sort through.

This isn’t easy for me to post. Ever. The intensity of the truths that come out and my health stuff and pain have taken the wind out of my sails this year. That’s the best way to describe this feeling I have that I can’t shake. Now I have to find my own way to sail. I’m trying my best. I’ll post when I can about it but it may be sparse. We will see how it all shakes out. I am always here if people want to talk about it at all.

And if your gut instinct right now is one of rage or anger or you think I’ve defected and you want to call me a Trump supporter just know that I am not a Trump supporter or Hillary supporter or supporter of ANY politician (Bernie included, big gasp), I am a TRUTH supporter. Nothing in this country will change until we all get on the same fucking page and a lot needed to change, you’ll see that the more you learn about what’s really been going on. Trump is the agent (Orange... sick potus burn, sorry I couldn’t help that) of change. He is bringing about the “end of the world” as we knew it. And that is OK, because whatever comes out of this mess that is crumbling (a mess that was not created by “we the people;” we are just pawns in their sick games), out of this mess they made, we rebuild as ONE.  That’s how I see it happening. They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds. Over the last two years I’ve learned that our differences aren’t so much and they really can strengthen us as a country, AND that we can disagree with civility, but that those are BOTH CHOICES that have to be made, but we will never get there if people don’t at least TRY to make connections with each other in spite of our differences. Out of that place is where compromise, empathy, and understanding are born. That’s how I’ve always seen it happening. In April of 2016, after a life changing ordeal, I started to wake up. I’ve been in the process ever since. It’s exhausting (but in a way that strengthens you if you so choose; I’m struggling with that’s part at the moment). It’s mind blowing at times (really weird shit has happened, coincidences that are really crazy). And, other times, it’s full of really honest and beautiful moments ranging from both pure joy to deep sadness, all felt in real time. Though the last two years have been and continue to be some of the most painful I’ve gone through, I’ve gained a heck of a lot of knowledge in the process of all that loss. I hope my feelings come true. I hope we land as one and we don’t divide and crumble. Because when I realized the truth, I decided I had to give my time to those who could use it more than me. That’s all waking up is. That’s what I hope happens for everyone who is new the the Q stuff. The link to Q is below. Be aware that some of it will make you angry and challenge your beliefs or what you believe about those in that you admire. I’m sorry. It really sucks. That’s what makes it all so painful, the betrayal that you’ll feel. I’m here if you need: https://qanon.pub