Buckle Up: Life Just Gets Weirder

Hi. It’s me. How’s it going? I’ve had better months but I’m still alive so I guess there's that!

Ok, so. The following is a news story that will start to sound very familiar over the coming weeks. Only it’ll involve top officials in both political parties. Yes. That’s right. Pedophilia in both political parties at the highest level. Yes, this is a fact.  A very difficult one to accept. And it’s ok if you don’t believe me, there will be plenty of evidence to back it up soon. Think about the missing emails. Think about Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Everything is connected. We’ve all been lied to pretty badly. I think many are starting to see it, though. If you’re liberal or a progressive and you don’t believe that this is an eventuality, this news is going to hit you like a ton of bricks. I would encourage anyone and everyone to start to open their minds up. Let go of your preconceived notions about what’s going on and everything you think you know because they’re about to be blown out of the water. The media has been white knuckling it with Russia lies since Trump’s election because they’re complicit in all of this. Yep. Washington DC pretty much fucking sucks.

“But Mikaela, you sound like a Trumper and right a winger and conspiracy theorist, therefore you’re crazy and can’t be trusted!!”

Ok. Sure. That’s a possibility. I’m not any of those but ok. OR it COULD be that maybe, just maybe, officials in our government used their power to buy and sell children (adults too) for a profit of $150 billion dollars a year? And that they used the media to sell a narrative to cover it up? And because of this, they all have dirt on each other to keep it under wraps. And the cycle continues because everyone who's involved sucks and wouldn’t even try to stop it.

I hate these people so much. I try to avoid the word hate as much as I can, but not with these horrible people. To do what they’ve done, they are not people at all actually. Anyone who called themselves a human being wouldn’t do this type of stuff to other human being, especially kids. I hate them. A lot. You will soon too, you’ll see. If you have a heart and a brain and you learn about this stuff, you will too. It’s a lot to process through so just be ready as much as you can. I didn’t have anyone to warn me. I figured it out on my own and it wasn’t an easy process to go through. I’m here if ya need. And to the humans of Haiti, I’m so so sorry. I’m just really sorry.