There Is Nothing Wrong With Sharing Truth. Ever.

My honest and true feelings as of today:

So here’s the thing, I don’t really like following Q or being apart of the entire “great awakening” process. At all. Man it feels nice to get that off my chest. 

Don't get me wrong, part of me doesn’t mind it because it’s really fascinating to watch it all unfold and I am ready to see these people get prosecuted for their crimes. But mostly I don't like being on this end of things, at least not today. On this end of things, it’s pretty mean and angry. I mean, rightfully so, don’t get me wrong; so much damage has been done by those in power. Holocaust levels of lives lost in grotesque ways, and I am not exaggerating unfortunately.  And man oh man it’s hard to feel ok about life some days in this place. 

And yet here I am, putting my reputation and entire being on the line to be vocal about it and I’m still telling these stories which means I must really be trying to wake people up!

And to what, you ask?

To a really ugly reality that’s coming into focus quite soon.

And a lot of people don’t want to hear it and I get that, I didn’t and don’t and never wanted to. I lost a lot of my heroes in the last few years, some friends, I've lost a lot. But I’m stuck with sharing it so read on if you wanna.

When I’ve written in the past about pedophilia and human trafficking at the highest levels of our government, I may have mentioned that there are also charities that are involved. OXFAM won’t be the last charity that we hear about in relation to human trafficking. Also, a judge in KY (who's smug expression I would like to smack off his stupid face).  I said this goes deep, far into government agencies,  and including politicians, celebrities, Hollywood. It’s reaches are really pretty awful actually. I hate it a really awful lot.

But healing cannot happen without reality matching up for everyone.

That’s just how we can move forward as a species. This is just one painful step closer to something beautiful. No matter how rough these days feel, that thought sticks in my mind. So let's hope everyone friggin' proves me right.