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Today I remembered I had a blog. I had a blog when I lived in LA for ten months, you can find it here. I chronicled my move from Chicago to LA, the extra work I did, and my car accident. Eventually I got lazy and stopped updating it. I found it and I went through it, edited out personal stuff, but other than name changes, it’s pretty much there in its entirety. The link is above (and sorry for the nauseating template😒). 

 Then there is my business blog which you are at.  Hello and welcome! I started that when I started my business in 2015. In between both blogs I worked at a job for almost five years, then another one for six months where I was laid off (both were Chicago based tech start ups and I mostly did administrative work), hence me starting a business. This blog also chronicled when my health issues starting, that stem from the car accident in my first blog.

I also have been chronicling my awakening. I completely forgot about my blog posts from last year. They praise BLM and talk about white privilege.  At that that point, I didn’t get how bad Soros was. I just knew he was the pro-Hillary version of the Koch Bros and super rich; I had no clue about Agenda 21 or the Cabal (until Q and you all helped me learn). I remember discussing BLM with some conservatives in the fall of 2017 and they said BLM is a terrorist organization and I challenged that. It wasn’t until this year that found out the founder was charged for sex trafficking (FFS). I stopped wearing the pin immediately when I learned that; also, the pin was divisive and I knew it was time for unity (for the record, there are a lot of really great people just trying to be heard, and that is all I ever wanted to show everyone in my activsm efforts; I am trying to be a bridge). I didn’t do any organizing work with the Chicago chapter of BLM directly.  The summer of 2017,  I tried to set up a second line March, (NOLA style, but in Chicago) for LaQuan McDonald and Ronnieman Johnson. I wanted the city to heal and I wanted to help with that in an uplifting way. We chatted a bit but never actually met and the March never came to fruition.

Then summer into fall of 2017, after Chester Bennington died, I found people linking him on Twitter to Podesta, so I started down the rabbit hole.

Then November, Q started.

Read my posts. See me praise BLM (no mention of Soros funding), talk about white privilege (which in my mind was a message to both sides, especially liberals/pussy hats) and see me have TDS. I called Trump a white nationalist rapist FFS.. THAT WAS THE SOROS NEWS MEDIA AFFECT. See the affects of the leftist “independent” news I consumed. Watch what happens as I unplug from the Matrix. Watch as I go into 2018 starting to red pill and talk about undoing the brainwashing. It’s really fucking cool and I’ve been so busy I forgot I did that. I chronicled my awakening. My going from progressive BernieOrBuster/NeverHillary to a full fledged awakened critical thinking human. My last blog post was April 6, 2018. I started the Q videos April 28, 2018 and forgot about my blog entirely. I woke up because of Q, as well as you all, the peeps I’ve met on Instagram who have given me an insane amount of info. And then, I just researched. In my SJW posts I was begging for racists to wake up, but what following Q showed me is that most people aren’t racist, and that we are all the same, and when we stand together as one, we will not be divided. I’ve spent time on both sides. I understand both perspectives, and then, there is Q + research which equals the truth. I’m most comfortable here, in the truth.

If you’re bored and want to kill an hour, you can go down the rabbit hole of my adult life. Here it is in my own words: me in LA; me as a SJW; me awakening; then my videos and posts on IG. Thanks for taking the time to read  

I’m glad some events this last week forced me down memory lane. In my posts I talk about sort of getting a message about what to post and then posting it. It sounds nutty but at this point what am I worried about that for? 😆 In 2016 I just started tuning in to the spiritual part of me I had let starve for several years. That’s it. And I let my instinct lead me where I needed to go. It’s the only way I know how to awaken, so I’m biased, but I think it’s was a healthy way to go through the process.

The thing is, my old blog reminded me, I’m just me. And I’ve always been super honest and forthright about myself and my life. And I’m hoping that my candidness about what I learn as I go helps to become a template for others who are just entering this phase of the awakening process. It’s not easy to face this, but it really does end up being ok. I promise. And honesty is always the best way to go. The truth really friggin’ does set you free


Mikaela, Robot Interiors

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PS: Contrary to what the liars say about me, my lawyer for my bankruptcy was Angela Spalding of Spalding Law Center... Perkins Coie was the RANDOMLY ASSIGNED TRUSTEE... another reason for me to hate them. Find out all about it here: