I'm Answering A Call I Want to Ignore Badly - Please Bear With Me Through This Time

I woke up to the Clinton Foundation trending on Twitter which means what the “MAGA” people call “The Storm” is upon us. I’d like to start by saying I am not a Trump supporter. I am no longer even a Bernie supporter. I realized after 2016 that it is in my best personal health interest to no longer give my heart and dedication to one candidate, politician, or party, because what they are beholden to seems to never be the people and their best interests. And I’m so done with operating that way. Where and what this choice will lead me to has yet to be determined but I’m riding the wave nonetheless with my head upright and looking at all sides and all information and doing my best to decipher the lies from truth. As a result, from what I’ve learned over the last year and a half, I now consider myself an interpreter. I am an interpreter between the divided left and right. And I have been and will continue to do my best to discern fact from fiction as the coming weeks unfold.  But a ton of these facts that are coming out are so messed up they sound like fiction which is why it’s so hard to wrap your head around. That's why I’m here. It’s my purpose and I realized this a few months ago. I’m here to help everyone through probably one of the weirdest times our country will go through. If you are a strong Dem or on the far left and you don’t see what’s about to hit, I will be able to help you now. But this may be a difficult time for you. I hope it isn’t. It’s ok if it is, though, because on the other side of things, when the truth is out and everyone is on the same page, that's when we can really fuck some shit up in a good way. That's how the real progressive change can happen in the coming years. And when you scrap labels they put on you and open your mind, it means you are now free to traverse the path that YOU, not THEY, set for you. It means you take back the controls and get to decide what you want out of this life.

There is always light in the dark. Always. I cannot emphasize that enough.

Over the coming days I’ll post more but for now I need y’all to prepare yourselves for a shit ton of really intense information that’s going to come out. There’s a decent chance you’ve seen or will see an influx of a police presence around your town, as well. That’s part of this whole storm thing, part of the "transition" period. Again, this will be a difficult time. I’ve been saying since the election that things will get worse before they get better. This is that part. The information is out there if you choose to look. Many have opened up their minds enough to see and it’s a conscious choice to do that; to put it blatantly: you have to choose to undo the brainwashing that has been done to you. It’s a jarring process to go through but a necessary one in order for the country to move forward. The veil will be lifted for everyone now. I’m here via DM if you need. And to the MAGA people, I know you feel very happy about all of this, but I need you all to work a lot harder on your compassion and empathy for those who aren’t expecting this. Remember this has been done TO people. Just because someone can’t or doesn’t want to believe this doesn’t mean you get to be a dick to them about it. Activate your empathy. And lastly (if you’ve stuck with me this far, thank you ), if you need to unfollow or stop talking to me, it’s ok. I’m used to that now and I no longer take it personally. We are all on our own path. I will always be happy to welcome people back. Always.