The Weirdest Time In My Life

#qanon post ahead, and regarding these types of posts, I started to organize my info but honestly I just can’t. With my health crap, I can’t spend my time sorting through Q posts and the info they provide because it’s an insane amount of info. We are talking years of corruption being dismantled. And that means I may get details mixed up but like I’ve said before, I’ll do my best. It’s a lot of info so I’m just going to take them as they come. This is a more recent post as far as I know and a good place to start. When the shit really hits, I imagine most people will start with the most recent posts and work their way backwards. Ok. So if you’re reading this then welcome. It means you know something very big is happening and about to happen and you want to be prepared. Chances are you’ve been hearing more and more about human trafficking on social media in the last few months. This is a doozy of a topic and sadly there will be so much info surrounding this whole topic coming out all at once, so I can imagine your wanting to attempt a chance at solid footing during this time by preparing, but don’t plan on it. I’ve known this stuff for over a year now and it still wrecks me. Fair warning, this will feel messy and yucky for literally everyone on the planet (except for the perpetrators, they know what they’ve done and I hope they get what’s coming to them). The point of growth is that it hurts but that in the end, you’re better off for it. My goodness I hope that’s true. Ok, so I went through all of my political or social justice posts from the last year and added #robotinteriorsforrevolution so that you can get a clear stance as to where I stand on things. Many MAGA people believe that once this scenario plays out, there will be no racism. They see it as a tool used by the Democrats to divide people. I see that too, but I also know that white supremacy is built into the backbone of our country. One of my firm beliefs after learning more and more on this subject is that communities of color have become the target of this entire trafficking industry, and I believe it was by design set up by the Clintons. That’s just my belief after thinking this over for some time, and I’ve thought about it a lot. Because your mind will try to justify this stuff away, why people would do this, you try to really rationalize why but you won’t be able to, unfortunately. The 1996 crime bill as an example: a good way to get access to kids of color while enriching your buddies in the prison industry is to put their parents in jail at disproportionate rates to those of their white counterparts. Then the CF was formed in 1997, an eventual place to launder the money once a system is in place. It all makes sense when you start to piece it together. That’s my speculation based on trying to wrap my head around why someone would do something so awful and of course that is because I believe the Clintons to be some of the most evil people on the planet. The more you learn of their actual deeds, the more you will to, and I’m sorry if you thought them a champion of humanity, but the only thing they are champions of is looting, plundering, and destroying as hard and fast as they can. It’s insane how they’ve gotten away with it once you see it. You’ll see it soon too. It can be jarring. The more we learn about the ugliness of this picture, the more you will see what I see. And stuff like this can lead to an uprising so we have to be really on point with how we address this topic, but we do have to address it. This is the part where people will have to come together to help each other through.

One of the posts that I found as I was back tagging (is that a phrase?) my posts was one about an alarmingly high number of missing girls in DC. It was from March of last year and I was ranting and raving (as I do) about the fact that if your a kid of color, your either profiled or shot by cops or kidnapped into slavery. You are much more likely to be targeted if you are black, Latinx, indigenous, trans, this is truth in our country. At that point the number missing was already up to 500 in DC alone, three months into 2017. It’s diffucult because these cases can literally all be dismissed as runaways, and if the PD’s are complicit in covering up these trafficking crimes (which I believe we will find out that some are, unfortunately), then how easily this topic can be dismissed and the blame placed on the victims, and then how does that adversely affect the stats being collected. Regarding stats on this subject, the other thing I find fascinating and so frustrating is that the statistical numbers of actual trafficked humans varies widely depending on what organizations you look up, hence the adversely affected stats. So I went to Wikipedia cause what else does anyone do? 



I’ve never seen the profit number as high as $150 Billion. $35 billion is the highest I saw, $150? Stop and process that amount of money for a minute. That number is staggering. The numbers on Wikipedia line up with Trump’s executive order and that stat of 4.5 million humans sex trafficked I’ve seen on a few trafficking prevention sites. Ugh. And of that number, about 2 million are kids. I hate these people so much. Q’s latest posts says to read the executive order from December 21st carefully as it’ll come into play soon, which makes me believe the arrests will become public soon. 


I’m not going to link it. Google it. You have to start researching this for yourself now as a huge info dump will happen and it’ll be a lot to sort through.  At the bottom is a list of offenders. I believe the more this list is researched, the more the Clintons will tie in. This relates to the high number of CEO resignations that are happening, as well. This runs deep, I’m telling you guys, dark and deep. This is why the breadcrumbs from Q, to prepare people. There will be a lot of deaths and suicides. This will not be an easy time. I’m really sorry.

In all the mental prep I’ve been doing to prepare others for this topic, I haven’t even begun to really imagine life on the other side of this. What will it look like? Will it be a kinder world or a harsher one? Will kids be safer? How will this change America for people of color and other marginalized communities? Those are about the only things I care about right now and I’ve thought about it all a lot and I just can’t tell. I’m afraid it won’t. I’m just really hoping it does. And I’m doing my best to do work that helps change things. I’ve realized that’s all I can do. That and beg others to do more. So I’ll keep it up until this gets fixed or until I die.  

For the record: I’m just somebody who’s following this shit, along with some insider confirmations (Q). That’s all that separates me from you. You can read Q yourself and piece it together, just plan on suspending your disbelief and letting go of everything you thought you knew (ya know, NBD). It seems like I know what I’m saying but I’m just reading and learning and I just decided to stop shutting off to this topic. And I opened up my mind. For better or worse, it’s taken me to places I never imagined.

Energy doesn’t die, it transfers. When the suffering is done, what does that energy transmute to, and then what kind of healing happens when this type of evil is exposed at this massive of a level? About the only thing I’ll be grateful for when this topic blows wide open is that I can be like everyone else again in that others will know details too. It’s a real burden carrying this info around. There’s so much to piece together. I’ll do my best to stay on top of it but it’s a difficult topic so I can’t make promises. My job is to get you through this time right now. That’s all I know. After that, it’s a brave new world, my loves, and everything is possible.