Tonight's 2am Post Brought To You By Discussions About Stuff

I got into a discussion about stuff tonight. I get into discussions a lot these days, but the last few days I've been at the beginning of getting sick and when that happens, I sort of lose a grip on controlling emotions. So far, I've been sick three times since this pain shit started, and with each time, I find I'm a completely different person for about five days. I get really complainy about the pain because the flu makes my whole body hurt all over, and I just talk about it sucking the whole time. After day three I'm usually ready to call it a life. So, I spent today hoping this time I could find the fun and not get so serious but I got into a discussion. And so here I am wide awake because the convo stirred some shit up, and maybe that's not a bad thing? The convo turned into why I take this stuff so personally. By this stuff I mean the Democrats and what they did. So I'm going to share some things now. I think we've all been lied to for some time by the people in charge on both sides. The primary race between Bernie and Hillary proved a lot of things, but one big glaring thing is that it showed how far an organization, one that claims it's for the people, one that gained an entire generation of supporters due to one man (Obama) saying he wanted to change the system (that we now know they designed); it showed how far an organization would go to keep life very hard for millions of people to keep filling their own damn pockets with money. It showed that they don't actually have my best interests at heart at all, in fact they're profiting off of my perceived misfortunes. If they did have my best interest at heart, they wouldn't have allowed predatory student loan lending practices to decimate my generation, they would have not only promoted but passed legislation to make a living wage for my fellow humans so that no one is working full time and living in poverty, they wouldn't have promoted fracking as being an acceptable practice if they genuinely cared about my health and the planets health and how it's affected by the environment, they would have jailed the Wall Street bankers who fucked over millions of people, who bankrupted millions of people, instead of giving them fucking bonuses while people sleep in the streets and go hungry in homes they can't afford because rents have doubled in the last decade in many cities. Doubled. Doubled. Fucking doubled. Especially in lower income neighborhoods. Something is happening around us and we all have to wake up to it. We can't allow these injustices to continue even if we don't experience them personally, because this is no way to treat other people. It just isn't. And finally, in 2008, after being hit by a car, I refused an ambulance and didn't go to the hospital because I was terrified of medical debt. I was 25 and survived being hit basically head on (left side), thrown into the air, landing on my right side, and didn't get any imaging done, no neck brace, I just kept chugging along in life because I was too fucking scared I'd be 25 and drowning in medical bills for the rest of my life because I could only afford the $45/month policy for disaster insurance. What is more of a disaster than being hit by a fucking car? Fast forward a decade, and I'm permanantly and perpetually in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am never not in pain. I am all day every day reminded of why I am in pain. That is why I will never ever forget the 2016 primary and the lessons I learned. That's why I take it all so personally. Because it IS very personal for me. Its my entire fucking life now. 

I met the Draft Bernie humans at the Peoples Summit. I was helping that cause for a while but I had to let something go and it was that because I'm SO sick of giving the Democrats any more of my time or ire. They don't deserve a fucking second more of my time they've wasted enough of it already (they're getting it right now, I know I know, but for good reason, stick with me). The Draft Bernie people were the Bernie Sanders delegates who were treated horribly by the DNC. During the convention a year ago July, they were kicked out of the theatre and locked out of the building, then locked behind fences. They were silenced by the one part of the two party system that is supposed to care about them and their lives. They were part of a primary campaign that went on for a year, one that solely relied on people power and people's money ($222mill to be exact) one that brought thousands of people together. Programmers built dialing systems and apps for volunteering, people made calls and campaigned all over for him, all on volunteer time.  Bernie would have thousands of people at his rallies in areas of the country never once visited by a politician. He went to Harlem and the Bronx, he went to the border fence where families visit each other, literally through a fucking fence. Jane Sanders visited the AZ jail that Joe Arpaio ran because she wanted to call him the fuck out and she did. The people in this country who deserve a voice were given one; and the DNC, the Democratic Party, the Super Delegates, and the Hillary campaign took a big fat dump on all of that, then they turned around and denied it flat out to a media that shares their lies as facts. That is what the Draft Bernie people are trying to tell everyone. These are some really amazing people; kind, thoughtful, hopeful people. Being hopeful is not a bad quality, we have just been told it's not realistic because that keeps us complacent. This is all by design. The revolution, or whatever you want to call it, is about the people who actually give a shit, it's about those people standing up, speaking up, and who collectively see that there is a bigger picture here, this is about the betterment of the species, caring for our fellow man, no matter what, for the good of humankind. And it's about waking up those who maybe aren't seeing the whole picture as one big puzzle, because it's a lot of little things that are equaling out to one big thing, a revolution or whatever, that will take an effort from all of us.  It's not about Bernie and it never was. He was just the spark to light the fire. We are the flames, the oxygen that feeds the flames, the scorchers of the earth, the ones who will change the landscape of this system and make it one that works for all and that means ALL: Man, woman, non binary, trans, black, white, indigenous, immigrant, latinx, Asian, lgbtq, straight, religious, spiritual, atheist, humans living on the street and in poverty, incarcerated humans, mentally ill humans, and the only damn label that matters: HUMAN BEING. I am living fucking proof that this country will drive you into the ground if you don't see the warning signs. I'm showing you those signs now because it's my duty. It's my mission. It just is now. Thanks for reading.