Extra political post that may get me some unfollows. It’s cool, I get it, but when this shit hits the fan, you’re always welcome back. Always.

Some of you may think I’m crazy or a Trump lover or a conspiracy theorist by me posting what I’m about to post here, and that’s fine. I even had someone accuse me of being manic recently when I sent them a warning about this info. I’ve survived having worse thought of me. And I’m not manic, the world is just turning on it’s head fast for those who haven’t seen it from this light yet. In another post, someone asked me what now? If you’re a “woke” person but you see that the ones with a voice aren’t using it fast or loud enough, then what? I’ve been asking myself this question for the last few months when I became privy to info people don’t want to hear but that will come out anyways. I knew some of it from the primary last year, from the leaked DNC emails, but the more I’ve learned, the harder it’s been to function like everything is ok. I’ve warned the people I know as best I could. In the days to come, Trump is “draining the swamp” like he said he would. There is an anti corruption sweep happening all over the world. It started in Saudi Arabia, look it up. Thousands will be arrested, some already have. A lot of this surrounds human trafficking at the very upper levels. Which means, people who aren’t ready to face the dark deeds of their heroes or those they admire, they may be left feeling broken. And when people are broken, they are even easier to control. So. So what do we do when we feel lost? We stop, catch our breath as best we can, and we work together to find our way back. Together. The people who are championing this action of Trump’s are refusing to see a big glaring truth: that we are in a militarized police state that doesn’t see color when it comes to destruction, and Trump is an authoritarian white nationalist rapist (EDIT: I must clarify that when I wrote this I was still under some MSM induced delusions. It is now May of 2019 and I write this edit because I have to. It’s bothering me too much. Trump isn’t those things. Check out https://linktr.ee/robotinteriors for articles debunking the media lies about Trump. Wake yourself up. It is amazing what we fall for.  He’s stopping so much evil including most of what I’m going on about in this post and he’s done so much good ESPECIALLY for people of color. Ok, feel free to read on. This is my awakening. Enjoy. And my apologies, Mr. President. Thank you for taking on this incredible burden. I will forever love you for it.).  And his faults are equal to those whom he admonishes. No one who owns gold toilets while humans sleep on the streets below is a hero. This fight ultimately comes down to the 99% vs 1%, not Dem vs GOP, or left vs right. This is about the rich destroying the world for their own profit, and in the process destroying many aspects of our day to day lives. And the people who feel it the most are the poor, but the affects are reaching people who are whatever’s left of the middle class, and it’s spreading faster and faster and this tax bill is a glaring example of the level of greed we are up against. People of color have been a target of the government since our country began, but they’re setting their sights on everyone now. So. Now what? We respond by organizing, and those who can should run for office at the local level, and eventually congress. Level, mature heads must fill the house and senate. There are a lot of activists that have been fighting these battles for years and already know how: listen to them. I can’t emphasize that enough. Show up and listen and keep showing up. Join existing organizations. Make them grow. If there isn’t a group near you, make one. These groups are comprised of working people who just want to make this world better. They are you and me. And we protect those who need it as best we can. We educate everyone we know on the truth. I didn’t know it until recently, until I found out the events to come, but this is why I’ve been pushing for both sides to come together and make peace. That was me listening to something inside telling me to post what I post. That’s how I do it. The idea comes and I execute it. And now I get that there’s a reason. Because we will all need each other now. I knew something big was coming, a lot of us have been feeling that, but I didn’t know what. Now I do. And it’s all pretty devastating the more you go below the surface. But, from the rubble of whats left, we rebuild. We use this as a time to bring about true progressive (ya know, derived from the word PROGRESS) reform and make a country that works for everyone. But we have to get on the same page. Racism must die. Sexism must die. Privilege of all kinds must die. Some old ways must die off, that is just the reality. The purge is helping us form a new moral compass as a society, but equality for all, empathy, compassion, that is the only way forward. And out of that we can build a true party of the people. However it’ll come together, I don’t know. But it will. We will need it to now. This is the post I’ve been putting off because I don’t want to be the one to share this news because I know many will find much fault in this theory and it’s sources and will think I’ve gone off a ledge, but the news over the coming days and weeks will confirm all of this. I have the knowledge for a reason and that’s to guide you through this time as best I can. None of this is new, this corruption, but how we respond to it can be. I spent all of this time last year hand wringing thinking it was hopeless until I finally got involved this spring and even more so this fall. They’re more of us than there are of them. A year ago no one responded to Colin Kaepernick, and now his activism is being honored and recognized. It takes time, it takes focus, but we can make this world better. We can do this, mankind. We got this. Not me, us.