Milk Glass Lamps...

...are here. I am extremely excited about these lamps. They came about in a curious way. 

I love to take walks throughout the city. Sometimes I pick a destination, other times just a general direction, and then I go to work cultivating my instincts.  I hit the streets and wander, letting my path unfold before me. It is, in my opinion, something we should all do more as humans. It was on one of these walks last fall that I saw a milk glass lamp on a pile of trash in an alley. I walked away at first, but didn't make it very far before my gut started screaming at me to turn back and grab it. I figured this would be a fun project to get me through a year that didn't have a lot of opportunity for fun. A good project would give me something to do, I thought.  Cut to today and I am launching a brand new line, a line that has, quite literally, brought brightness back to my every day. 

The moral of this story is always listen to your gut. Always. Your gut knows you better than you do. Put your trust back where it belongs: in yourself. 


Mikaela, RI