Dear PoC,

To people of color everywhere: I'm sorry. I spent the whole of my 20's with my head in a bottle of any kind of booze, instead of waking up to how bad it's been for you. Your America is completely different than mine. Every time I've left my home, every time in my life, I have never been worried about police possibly taking my life from me in an instant, with no regard for my humanity. I've never had to worry about any of my white relatives being killed by law enforcement for simply existing in their own skin. I haven't had someone be scared of me as I walk by them in a hoodie. In the past, I've smoked marijuana, sometimes in public, and I've never had to worry about getting arrested (yes, I did just admit that in writing). I've lived in Chicago for 15 years, and not once I have been stopped and frisked or questioned by police.  

I'll spell this out for those who can't or won't see the difference:


And if you don't agree with me, then I challenge you to spend the day with a person of color, and see how they are treated. The same goes for a person with a disability, women, the elderly, and LGBTQ, anyone who isn't seemingly straight and white and healthy face daily:

- Harassment and name calling

- Belittling, ridicule and being spoken to condescendingly  

- Being taken advantage of by those with hidden agendas not in their best interest

- Being told your view point doesn't matter simply because of how you look or who you love 

- Being afraid to speak up, even when you know that this treatment is wrong

You'll start to see what I'm talking about, and when you do, look with your eyes and heart open, because:

There is a reason there are 47 million human beings in poverty in our country, there is a reason the middle class and working class are miserable and if you believe that any sort of incremental change will make a difference in their lives, then you are just plain wrong.  Argue me on that, any fucking day. The system is designed to fail you, yes even you, who are white. 

I'm writing this to say that I'm very sorry for not doing anything sooner. My head is out of the bottle, my mind is clear, and my heart is open and ready to fight for you all, and to even fight for those who don't realize they are wrong in how they treat you, because they were taught the wrong lessons. Nobody, especially someone who is concerned with their image or their amount of power, is ready and willing to say, "We, as a race, the HUMAN race, have royally fucked you over long enough. Time to end it."  

I know this may just be some rando blog post, but know that I am sincere in my heart when I mean this. You have an ally in me always and forever.  Thanks for reading. 

Mikaela, RI