Oh Daisy...

I can't help but show this video to you all. Since becoming a professional home body, my social media updates have generally been politics, #tbt's, and Lurls and Daisy. For now, that's my life in a nutshell. It's not a bad nutshell when you include cookies, which I do often.  

But sometimes something happens in your day that's so out of the ordinary it transports you to a place of wonderment and excitement that you are alive and witness to this seemingly impossible moment in time. 

This is one such moment. Daisy likes to play a game where she hides in the bath tub, and I pull back the curtain and exclaim in a high pitched squeal, " DEEEZEEEEEEE!" Then she excitedly slides her body down the slanted ceramic wall and rolls around like a fool, and then I rub her belly. It's as silly as it sounds, but it's a sight to behold. 

Well last night, our sweet dear Daisy became a bit of a show off, and waited to make any moves before I went to get my cell phone (that's most definitely me projecting, but can't a cat mama brag about her little sweet Daisy?). I kept my voice on the lower side to mix things up, and below are the results. 

Bonus points if you catch her cute little wink at the end!