Health Update

Unless something drastic happens, this will be my last update on my health.  

I live with pain 24/7 on my right side and in my neck and shoulders.  All day, all night, every day. This is the world I occupy now.  So, I have decided to no longer fight my pain but to befriend it.  If this pain is settled in for the long haul, then I suppose I should as well. But if I am to be saddled with this physical ailment for the remainder of my days on earth, then I am going to do everything I can to make this world a better place. You should too.  If we have learned anything as a species in 2016, its that we all have to fight harder.  We just do.

If I can get out of bed every damn day, you can do more to make this world better.  If you have money, donate it.  If you don't have money, donate your time and volunteer, even just an hour a month. 

Thanks for reading.