It's been a few weeks...

Hello, dudes!  It's been a few weeks since we launched our site officially. Thanks so much to everyone who has visited thus far. It means a lot to us that you'd take the time to visit the site. By doing so, it means you support the handmade craft community and that means more than you know!

What's the what since we last blogged? Well, Robot Interiors has been accepted to Show of Hands!  This show is filled with a wide array of very talented makers and takes place at Architectural Artifacts in Ravenswood. We've been to a few weddings there and are  always amazed by how this beautiful and unique space exists in the middle of it all. It's tucked away on Ravenswood just south of Montrose. If you can't make the show, you should wander there anyway one day (maybe as the snow melts and Spring  warms the's on the way people, I promise!) and check out the space. 

In the meantime, head to the Show of Hands site to view the fabulous vendor list.  Scroll through the photos; they are a feast for the eyes fit for a design queen/king/jester.  We are so honored to be a part of this list and we hope you like what we bring to the table... and maybe your home. 

Stay plugged in to what we create by following us on Instagram and to what we like by following us on Pinterest, both @robotinteriors. You can also like us on Facebook. With so many chances to stay connected, you're never without a little light in your day!  To those who have followed us already, we thank you kindly. 

Its an honor to have you along on our journey.  Let's keep going and see where we end up; just don't forget the road trip snacks!